Because of the physical nature of this program, consult your physician to ensure that you're cleared hot to engage in physical activity.  You are going to be required to step out of your comfort zone, so make sure that you're good to go before starting 90D.O.S.


Pay close attention to what I'm about to say, because I know it's important:




If you're looking for a trick or a short-cut, you will not find it here.  


While a huge part of this program is being physically active, the real work that's going to take place is much deeper than mere physicality.  You will change as a human being, when you complete this program.


Easy and comfortable is why most people live lives of quiet desperation.  This program will likely be the most difficult undertaking you've set forth on thus far.  But nothing that means anything comes easy.  This will be HARD WORK, but it will be the most important "work" you've done in your life.  GUARANTEED!

What Exactly IS it then?

Think of it as a complete overhaul and rebuild of your entire life.  






Most of us have never truly taken the time to analyze and asses how we came about the life we currently find ourselves living.  One moment we were adolescent children, then we blinked our eyes and we were expected to be men.


Before we know it, our lives became full of monotony as the war drums that beat so loud as young men begins to fade with age and inactivity, until one day, we wake up to find ourselves lost, unaware of where we turned wrong.

In quiet desperation, we seek mentors and leaders, hemorrhaging time and money on Pollyanna mantras and programs that are built on motivation, hype and a temporary rise in emotion, only to come down crashing like a tidal wave the moment we realize there's more to it than pep talks and high fives.

So we begin to look for someone or something to blame for our plight in life.  It was our parents, teachers, government, or life-circumstances that keep us down.... 

But deep down, we know that the blame can truly only be placed in one place, on one head: Our Own. 


Only when we accept this truth can our life even begin to resemble something we actually want...

I had to stop lying to find the TRUTH!

My #1 problem in life was that I was telling, believing and LIVING a bunch of LIES! 


From what I thought about myself to the way I felt about my place in the world, my entire "being" was constructed on lies, half-truths and bullshit that was projected onto me over the course of my life by insecure, scared, and often times ignorant/dumb people.  Because I never questioned it, I became it.

I wasn't smart enough- I wasn't rich enough- I wasn't black enough- I wasn't white enough- I wasn't tall enough- I wasn't GOOD enough.... 

All of this made me question whether or not I was "enough" for anything that I might want in life.  I allowed all of the negativity to drown out the light in my soul until I became just as small and weak as those who projected their personal "truth" onto me.  I became the ultimate failure: a person who did whatever it took to be accepted, liked by others.  Even if it meant going against what I knew was right.  That would prove to be my biggest folly in life...

In my darkest hours, I found my "light."

Nothing in my life has come about easily.  Especially the lessons that I was supposed to learn in order to be the man God intended me to be.  My rite of passage as a "man" would be no exception. 

I decided against enlisting in the military after high school a) because my grandfather convinced me that my experience would be like his; he was illiterate and dumb, so he was a "cook," and b) I didn't want to be subjugated to "following orders."  I was sick and tired of "ORDERS!"  With those two weak beliefs anchoring my resolve, I turned my car around and ghosted my appointment to take the ASVAB test with my best friend at the time.  

Five years later, I found myself naked, standing on a cold slab, being sprayed for lice.  I had gone from standing in line for books at Southwest Texas State University, just years before, to shuffling in a line of new inmates being classified for the Texas State Penitentiary system, because I allowed my ego and desire to be accepted by losers to make me one.  

Heading 4

Hard time creates strong men

When faced with hard times, you have two choices.  You can take that opportunity to learn, grow and change, or you can fall into the myriad pits of despair, hopelessness and darkness that dwell therein.  I realized that I didn't belong in that place, but that I absolutely deserved to be. 


It was then that I learned that nobody was coming to save me and that  I had nobody to blame for the choices I made in my life, no matter how much I tried.   And I tried!  But God sent an "angel" to me in an inmate named Mikel Brown.  He was a highly intelligent man that had gotten caught up in his emotions and committed a crime of passion that yielded him 10 years.  He gave me the most important advice I've ever gotten.  He said...


"Listen, youngster, you've got a lot of time to do.  You can do the time, or you can allow the time to do with you what it will. 

You've got to come up with a program in here to help you eat that time, or it will eat you up.  You gotta eat it in chunks!"  You gotta start by armoring up your body and sharpening up your mind.  Forget about anything you can't directly influence.  Build everything around that and you'll figure the rest out...."


I took his word as gospel, because he was one of the most respected guys on the block, and got straight to work in getting my "program" together.  I had a 20 year sentence to digest, so I broke it down in 90 day waves of disciplined focus. 


I began by training twice a day and reading everything I could get my hands on that would help me grow as a man.  I stayed away from the tv, radio and all the other "outside" stuff.  I stayed away from the prison politics and drama and focused on becoming...better.  Five years later, I emerged a MAN.

"Can't" doesn't work for me anymore.

After I was released, I encountered the same obstacles other convicted felons do.  My past made it difficult to find a job, but not impossible.  Because I had sharpened my skill set while incarcerated, I was proficient in several different areas.  I could type 75 wpm and perform many construction jobs, so I was able to secure employment at a few temporary jobs until I was given a chance to work full-time as an inventory auditor at a metal fabrication company.  I worked there for 5 years, until I decided to jump from the nest of safety and go after my dream of owning my own gym.

From that point forward, I have been on a mission to make the biggest impact possible on the most people I can.  The gym has been my "office."  In 2005, I went to work at Gold's Gym as a personal trainer.  In 2007, I opened my own gym, "The Compound" and concentrated on training youth athletes. 


Implementing the "program" I used to accomplish every goal I set my mind towards, I developed a training system that allowed me to see a 100% success rate of attaining athletic scholarships for every athlete we trained.  At the same time, I worked myself into the Top 5  in the nation as a professional BMX racer.  After I retired from racing, I enjoyed a reputation as one of the most sought out BMX trainers in the world.

It's all about "the suck"

One of the things that I have come to learn in 50 years of life is that the things that we get so excited about, often feel anti-climactic once we have attained/acquired them.  How often have you basked in 15 seconds of "fame," only to be left asking "Is that it?!" at the 16th?  Time and time again, I have experienced that feeling, as well as seen it in others.  It's because we often miss the entire point of the journey...

When we only focus on the result, we get tunnel vision and miss the many valuable things that go into attaining it.  More often than not, people get disheartened if it doesn't come quick enough and abandon ship.  Instead of chasing greatness, they settle right back into their mediocre life, withering away like a tree with no roots. offering up excuses as to why they "can't" do something.   

However, when you embrace the things that "suck" in life and perform them as if you loved them, the journey becomes the goal and the result is merely a measuring point between you and the star you're going after.  When you embrace the grind, you often surpass your intended target.

Another fundamental truth that I have seen is that the things that we are most averse to doing are generally the very things that NEED to be accomplished in order for any real measure of success to be realized.  It's almost a self=fulfilling prophesy of failure due to the refusal to do the very thing(s) that would change one's entire life.  In fact, that's EXACTLY what it is!


If your initial answer to this question is "NOTHING, BRO!  I'M ON POINT!"  I'd be willing to bet that you're lying.  As a matter of fact, I know you are! 

Even if you've seen success in one area of your life, the chances are that the other parts of your world are an absolute mess.  Hell, this is my program and I can't answer the question with "nothing."  We all have things that we know we SHOULD do, but find reasons/excuses NOT to.  We ALL have things we know we need to incorporate into our daily lives that suck.  It's the price of admission to achieving any and everything worthwhile.

This avoidance of "the suck" is what keeps people unhealthy, unhappy, broke and unsuccessful, at every level.  On the same token, you will not find a single person who has attained any level of success, happiness or achievement who hasn't gone through "the suck" to get there. 

The key to this program lies in "THE SUCK."

The difference between this program and everything else you've tried before is that I'm not going to give you the cheat codes to your life.  I can't!  Each and every one of us has our own special brand of b.s. and lies that we tell to ourselves and to others. that keep us stuck in the quicksand of life. 


When you're forced to be honest with yourself and accept full responsibility for every area of your life, there's nobody else to blame, lean on, or cheat but yourself. 

It's not my job to work through your mess.  It's YOURS and YOURS ALONE! 


But, I will provide you with a mirror and the blueprint.... 


If you...


Want to learn how to be completely honest with yourself


-Desire to change the way you see yourself and the world around you

-Want to get into the best shape of your life as a byproduct of changing the way you think

-Want to make massive leaps and gains in your business/job performance

-Wish you had more confidence and self-esteem

-Want to learn how to manage your time to make the most of every moment of the day

-Want to improve your relationships with the people you love and care about


Join us in "The Suck!"

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